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Specialty Insurance Lines - Childcare Centers

Specialty Insurance Lines - Childcare Centers

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Winters-Oliver Insurance Agency has strategically partnered with multiple insurance companies that offer child care specific insurance programs.


We know the risks of operating a child care center and are committed to guarding against that exposure. We also know that running a successful center means keeping enrollment high and overhead in check. Representing multiple insurance companies allows us to deliver competitive insurance solutions to our child care clients year after year. Perhaps that’s one reason we retain 96% of our child care center clients. Our clients appreciate the benefit of not having to change agency relationships if they change insurance company relationships. The following case studies illustrate the level of service we provide and the benefits of working with our agency.

Case Study: A five-location child care center was dealing with three different insurance companies making the risk management program difficult to administer and resulting in increased pricing. Following an in-depth consultation and careful review of the current insurance program, it was discovered that several buildings were underinsured, some locations lacked professional liability and abuse & molestation coverage, and the center was not protected against loss of tuition should they suffer a loss such as a fire or weather event causing them to temporarily close a location.

Solutions: All of the policies were condensed and written with one insurance company that specializes in child care centers. This resulted in a double-digit percentage premium savings to the center and significantly streamlined their insurance program. Workers compensation premiums were tied to their weekly payroll allowing the center to spread the premium over 52 weeks helping with cash flow and reducing the likelihood of an audit. Professional liability and abuse & molestation limits were added and increased filling a major gap in coverage. Coverage was added for each location so that if a loss occurred the center could continue to pay their employees and not lose them to competitors.

Case Study: Winters-Oliver met with a two, now three, location child care center that was growing quickly but depending on a 1-800 number for risk management advice. Although they were in need of a professional’s time they were not receiving this service. As a result of infrequent contact from their insurance provider several coverage parts were missing and it was discovered their buildings were over insured. They were paying for insurance they could never collect and were uninsured in other areas.

Solutions: Winters-Oliver was able to vastly improve their insurance coverage and save the center premium dollars as well. Although we calculated our own building replacement cost analysis, the insurance company performed an on-site evaluation to make sure their coverage was adequate, but not more than necessary. We perform an annual review with the owner and have since provided group health insurance to the child care center employees. In 2011, Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc over central and eastern Virginia. Land lines and internet connections were down. We reached out to clients thought to suffer the most damage via cell phone. An adjuster was on-site the day after Irene passed through and claim checks were promptly delivered. As a value added service, Winters-Oliver provided the owner with a password protected online human resources portal complete with employee handbook templates, hiring/firing forms library, and up-to-date information on health care reform.

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