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Specialty Insurance Lines - Technology

Specialty Insurance Lines - Technology

Specialty Briefs

Technology Companies Deserve Modern Coverage

 When one refers to technology it encompasses a broad range of business types.  Companies that provide technical support have different needs than the application developer that is providing a product or an e-commerce company selling goods online. We can help you tailor coverage that will respond to the risk of doing business in a connected world.


Cyber Liability and Data Breach 

Access to your clients' I.T. systems involves great responsibility and great risk.  It opens a business and its clients to cyber-attacks, potential loss of personally identifiable information, trade secrets, and other protected information. Winters-Oliver understands this risk and can help arrange an insurance program specific to your technology company. 


Technology Errors and Omissions Liability

When a company provides a professional service, whether it be IT consulting or medical care, they are held accountable to perform those services to the standards and expectations of their profession.  Anything less can result in legal action.  Often technology companies that provide consulting or project work believe that their general liability policy will cover claims for these types of claims. This is almost always not the case.  It is crucial for professional services companies to contemplate these risks when designing an insurance and risk management plan.


Directors and Officers Liability for Technology Companies

When technology companies are backed by private equity money one of the first things outside investors request is that a Directors and Officers Liability policy be in place. Directors and Officers Liability for technology companies can be challenging particularly at the development and pre-revenue stage. More seasoned companies need to consider increased limits for outside directors.  Winters-Oliver can help you understand this unique coverage and obtain the proper limits to protect investors, board members, and executives.

Please feel free to browse our Specialty Line Best Practices Briefs  (available in PDF).



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